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youtube tv down

YouTube TV is Down! (Updated: Back!)

Yep, YouTube TV is down at the moment. Like you and the rest of Twitter, we missed the end of the first half of England and Croatia and are also worried about missing the second half. Let's get it together in a hurry, Google. For some, an error message of "...
youtube tv down

YouTube TV is Down at the Moment (Updated: Back!)

YouTube TV is down! Well, it has logged everyone out at the moment and won't let anyone log back in, so that means something is up. We're having issues with YouTube TV on the web, in its Android app, and on Xbox One. Users at reddit and Google's product forums...
youtube tv voice remote

YouTube TV Picks Up Voice Remote Feature

YouTube TV picked up a new feature today called Voice Remote. As the name suggests, you can now control YouTube TV on your phone with only your voice (and a tap of a single button). The command list is pretty extensive too, with controls that not only let you...