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Digital Wellbeing

Question: Do You Use Digital Wellbeing?

Google introduced its Digital Wellbeing software in August of last year as a way to help us monitor phone and app usage, try and give us reason to disconnect more, put our phones down earlier in the evening, and limit technological obsessions. Since then, I...
Android Q Beta

How’s Android Q Beta Running on Your Pixel?

Android Q beta dropped last Wednesday, so you've had a few solid days with it. How's it running on your Pixel phone? I ask because we get asked whether or not it's stable enough for daily use. As a single person using it, I'm not sure I'm always the best judge...
Screen Protectors

Poll: Screen Protector or Nah?

Big news this morning, folks - Samsung is going to include a factory pre-installed screen protector on all variants of the Galaxy S10. OnePlus did the same thing with the OnePlus 6T and likely for the same reason as Samsung. Since these new phones have in-...